Welcome! And please bear with me. lol


Hi! Beth Brightman here. You might have seen me on Facebook or Instagram. Or maybe from Redbubble, Society6 or Zazzle.com? Thanks for stopping in to check out my brand new webpage of photographic wonders. I’ve wanted a website of my very own for a long long time now. I’m still trying to work my way around it. If you came across it when i was just starting it; Thanks for coming back! You’re the best!

What you should know about me is that I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I really do. Nature is awesome! God did really good work when i came to creating all the big and little things out there that we look at everyday, but probably overlook. Well, i’m here to show those things to you! I hope you will enjoy seeing the world through my eyes via my camera lens, and come back often!

Oh, and if you like the photos then please check out my store page. You can get prints there or other fun things for your house or to wear! By all means, if there’s something you like that i haven’t added to a store- ASK ME to ADD IT. I will most certainly do so ASAP! Comments are most welcome, and feel free to message me or hit me up on Social media. Have an awesome day! Beth Brightman



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