I’m entered in the It’s Amazing Out There Photo Contest from the Weather Channel


I need your help in winning a photo contest! I’m entered in the Weather Channel’s “It’s amazing out there!” photo contest. There are 3 Major Prizes and 3 Fan Favorite Prizes. You guys decide the Fan Favorite Prizes! Its worth 500-750-and 1000 dollars. Yeah! You can vote for 1 photo -once every 24 hours- every day until Sept 1st 2017 at noon. Winner is announced on Sept 5th. I would really like to be one of them!

Soooo..If you are a Facebook user You can help me win by : 1) Choose a favorite photo out of my entries below.  2) Click the link in the caption to go to the Vote page on the Weather Channel. 3) Check yes or  no on the pop up that’s going to ask if it’s ok for Weather Channel to post to Facebook for you. ( its ok if you say no) It will only ask you this the first time you vote.  3) Click VOTE! 4) Please use the share tab to encourage friends to vote for my image! And finally 5) Give yourself a hug from me because You Are Awesome!